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Water Filter Systems and Water Softeners

Professional Plumbing & Design carries top names in water filtration systems and water softeners. We can handle installation for residential applications as well as businesses, condos, hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, and much more.

Water Filtration Systems

Professional Plumbing & Design carries only the best Water Filtration Systems from manufacturers like Halo Water Systems, Aqua-Pure®, Everpure®, Watts®, Cuno®, 3M, and Nuvo H2O™.

We carry under-counter drinking water filters, under-counter reverse osmosis systems, inline icemaker filters, whole house water filters, automatic water softeners, and salt/electric free water softening systems.


H2 ZERO ULTIMATE Whole House Filtration & Conditioning

Zero Electricity, Zero Backwash, Zero Maintenance.

Whole house filtration & conditioning All in one tank.  With the H2 Zero Ultimate enjoy highly filtered and conditioned water throughout the home using no electricity or drain.

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Professional Plumbing & Design offers Water Filtration Systems from top manufacturers like Watts, Everpure, Cuno and nuvo h20.

For more information, please visit the following websites:

Under-Counter Reverse Osmosis System

At Professional Plumbing & Design, we understand the critical importance of clean water for your home or business. That's why we trust Halo Water Treatment, a leader in water quality solutions, to offer a range of innovative products designed to enhance your water supply.

With cutting-edge filtration technology, Halo's systems effectively remove impurities and contaminants, ensuring safe and clean water for all your needs. Whether you're looking to improve water quality for health reasons, protect your plumbing, or simply enjoy better-tasting water, Halo Water Treatment has the right solution for you.

Ultimate Drinking Water Quality with Alkalinity Booster

The HALO Ultra PLUS Reverse Osmosis with Alkalinity Booster is an advanced water purification system designed to provide the highest quality drinking water. This system combines the proven effectiveness of reverse osmosis technology with an alkalinity booster to enhance the water's pH level.

Water Softeners

Professional Plumbing & Design offers water softeners from top manufacturers like nuvo h2o.

Soft water is gentler on your plumbing and appliances because it contains fewer of the corrosive minerals that stay behind when the water evaporates, so your plumbing last longer!

Soft water reduces the scaling that can clog your pipes and slow down your drains, it reduce rings and stains in tubs and toilets, it makes your clothes last longer and fade less, it’s great for your glassware, and it is great for your hair and skin.

Soft water is also great for the environment. Installing a water softener will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the environment by as much as removing a full sized SUV from the roads for an entire year!

Professional Plumbing has water softeners for residential applications as well as larger systems for condos, hotels restaurants, clubhouses, educational and medical facilities, and much more.

Professional Plumbing and Design is based in Sarasota Florida. We offer residential and commercial plumbing services for Sarasota and the surrounding areas including Bradenton, Palmetto, and Venice.

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