A Letter From FPL, Exterior Water Line Coverage - is it a Scam?

You probably received a letter, not that long ago, on “official” FPL letterhead, encouraging you to sign up for “Exterior Water Line Coverage” or a “Water Heater Repair and Replacement Plan” from HomeServe for just $3.99 to $6.99 per month, which is conveniently added to your FPL bill.

fplThe letter claims that it costs $2,587 to repair an exterior water line and you probably already know how much you paid for your Water Heater but, for a small monthly fee, you can rest assured that, if anything happens, it will be fixed at no cost to you. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Not so fast…

HomeServe is not an insurance company. It’s a privately-held company, owned by billionaire brothers George and Michael Karfunkel, and their Products aren’t affiliated with, or officially endorsed by any utility provider. HomeServe contracts with local water and power companies to provide services that are financially beneficial to the utility company and HomeServe – not you.

HomeServe USA, HomeServe’s parent company, has attracted a lot of bad press over the years because of their controversial marketing practices. Homeowners across the country have alccused the company of engaging in deception by sending out mailers that appear to come from local governments or utility companies.

They even have a website, www.fples.com, that looks like FPL but, if you read the disclaimer, you’ll see that FPLES is an unregulated subsidiary of FPL. The Water Heater Repair and Replacement Plan is offered by FPLES, not FPL, and it is managed by HomeServe, an authorized representative of ServicePlan of Florida, Inc. HomeServe is an independent company, separate from FPL and FPLES.

Proceed with caution!

If you’re thinking of purchasing an “Exterior Water Line Coverage” plan, you should know exactly what it covers, what it doesn’t cover, and what conditions void the contract. For example, HomeServe will not cover “pre-existing conditions” like longstanding leaks or claims arising from “acts of nature” like a flood or hurricane. These plans only cover the normal wear and tear associated with underground plumbing which, typically, lasts a very long time.

It is very unlikely that your exterior water line will fail without warning.

If your home is less than 40 years old, chances are you have a PVC water service line which is much less likely to fail. If you live in a much older home, chances are the water line has already been replaced at some point along the way. Your septic/sewer line, which is not covered by this plan, is far more likely to fail than your water line.
And, if it does fail, is it really that expensive to replace a water line?

If your water line were to fail, it would not cost $2,587 to replace. The average cost to replace a water line is about $1,300 and about $300 for a typical repair. The inflated price is just a tactic used to scare you into signing up for the coverage. And remember, your water line is not covered in the event of an accidental rupture, only normal wear and tear.

But what about the Water Heater Repair and Replacement Plan?

If you read the fine print there’s a 30-day waiting period for repairs and a 90-day waiting period for replacement and there are many things excluded from the coverage. Basically, anything other than the actual tank is not covered. Which means that things like the water lines going to and from the Water Heater, electrical wiring, accidents, defects, pre-existing conditions or “negligence” are not covered.

Another thing to consider is that HomeServe does not have its own technicians and they don’t typically use local contractors, so who are you going to call if there’s a problem after a repair or replacement?

HomeServe uses contractors from outside your area who need any work they can get – these guys are not the cream of the crop. A reputable Plumber would never work for a company like HomeServe because these companies do the bare minimum, they try to get out of replacing anything, and they pay contractors as little as they can get away with for the work.

A great alternative would be to sign up for the Professional Plumbing & Design Pro Club which does cover anything in your home that is related to plumbing. Pro Club members get priority service, free yearly safety inspections, and a 10% discount and 2-year guarantee on all repairs and replacements. Best of all, the $4.95 monthly investment accrues and can be applied to any future service!

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Why Should You Install A Water Softener

If you live in the United States, there’s a good chance you have “hard water”.

This means the water you’re using to cook with, bathe in, and wash clothes contains calcium, sulfur, iron, magnesium, lead, and limestone. In some areas, it’s even polluted with sewage waste and industrial run-off!

water softenerHard water is not “technically” unsafe, but it does shorten the lifespan of your pipes and appliances, it’s terrible for your hair and skin, and it causes you to use considerably more dish soap, laundry detergent, and electricity. So why put up with all of these detrimental effects if you don’t have to?
The process of dissolving and eliminating these contaminants from water is called “softening”. By installing a whole-house water softening system, you can avoid all of this nastiness:

Clogged Pipes

If you’re experiencing frequent clogs, hard water could be the culprit. The calcium and magnesium in hard water builds up in your pipes impeding the flow of water and causing them to clog more easily. Eliminating these corrosive minerals will help prevent clogs and extend the life of your pipes.

Damaged Clothes

Washing your clothes with hard water actually damages the fibers of your clothes causing them to deteriorate and fade more quickly. The mineral content in hard water makes your whites dingy and your colors dull. Clothes washed with soft water not only last longer, but they feel better against your skin!

Hair & Skin Problems

Hard water dries your hair and skin. By eliminating these impurities from your water you’ll avoid skin conditions like eczema and your hair a will feel softer and healthier.

Bad Flavor

Eliminating these contaminants from your water will make it taste (and smell) better. That means your coffee and everything else you make with that water will taste better too!
Start saving time and money and protect the environment in the process!

Water Heaters are the second biggest consumer of electricity in most homes. Hard water causes scaling inside your Water Heater; this makes electric Water Heaters approx. 21% less efficient and gas heaters approx. 29% less. This means that a water softening system will significantly reduce your electric bill.

Soft water makes soap and detergents lather more and clean better, so you’ll use up to 75% less laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, shampoo, and other cleaning Products . Less soap also means less soap curd which makes cleaning faster and easier, and you won’t have spots on your glassware or silverware!

Your water softening system will also help you avoid costly plumbing repairs and extend the life of water-dependent appliances like your coffee maker, dishwasher, Water Heater, and washing machine.

When you add up all these savings, you’ll not only recoup your investment in as little as 2 to 4 years, but you’ll reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the environment by as much as removing a full-sized SUV from the roads for an entire year!

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Pipe lining provides a long-term solution

pipelineWith a 50+ year life expectancy, pipe Lining provides a long-term solution for cracked or leaky drain pipes without the need for digging up landscaping or tearing up walls and floors so it’s a cost-effective, minimally-invasive alternative to complete pipe replacement.

Pipe Lining adds a durable protective layer inside the compromised pipe that enhances the structural strength of the existing pipe, prevents root intrusion, stops leaks, seals cracks, and increases flow.

Professional Plumbing & Design is a Certified Perma-Liner Industries installer.

Perma-Liner’s state-of-the-art is installation system uses a single point of entry to ensure that there is complete saturation and adhesion to the host pipe and, because the stand-alone design does not require a host pipe, Perma-Liner can even bridge missing sections of pipe!

Our Perma-Liner™ Drain Pipe Lining is the solution to your drain problems.

  • Bridge missing sections of pipe
  • Repair cracked or broken pipes without excavation
  • Eliminate root intrusion
  • Stop infiltration and exfiltration

All Perma-Liner materials are made in the USA and they carry a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty!

Professional Plumbing & Design is based in Sarasota Florida. We offer residential and commercial plumbing services for Sarasota and the surrounding areas including Bradenton, Palmetto, and Venice.

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CBS To Cover 2018 Sarasota Grand Prix Festival

Suncoast Charities for Children & Powerboat P1 are pleased to announce that CBS Sports Network will be covering the 2018 Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix Race scheduled for Sunday July 1, 2018.

The Sarasota Grand Prix is one of the most historic events on the off shore powerboat racing calendar in North America, having just completed it’s 33rd year and bringing in millions of dollars of tourism revenue for the state and local hotels every year. The 34th Annual Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix Festival will take place June 29-July 1, 2018. For festival updates and information please visit our website. Sarasota Power Boat Grand Prix

We love the photo they used in the press release:



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When it comes to drinking water, legal does not necessarily mean safe.

bad water smallIn 1974, Congress enacted the Safe Drinking Water Act which authorizes the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set national standards for drinking water.

The problem is that the list of regulated chemicals has not been updated in over 20 years and, in many cases, the contaminant levels by the Safe Drinking Water Act are higher than what scientific studies have found to be safe.

Data collected by Environmental Working Group (EWG) at over 48,000 water facilities across the country found 267 of the 500 unique contaminants they tested for. Many of these contaminants have been associated with an increased risk of cancer, developmental problems, and fertility and endocrine issues.

Long-term exposure to unfiltered tap water, from many of the nation’s public water systems can lead to serious health problems, in particular for pregnant women and children under 6, and bottled water is not the answer. Unlike public water suppliers, bottled water manufacturers are not required to disclose contaminant levels in their water, so the only solution is a good filtration system.

EWG has made their data available in a Public Database (https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/#.WX99BIjyvGg) that allows you to see which contaminants were present in your water supply. If you’re concerned about the water you and your family are drinking, call the professionals at 941-355-5400. Professional Plumbing & Design carries only the best Water Filtration Systems from top manufacturers like Aqua-Pure®, Everpure®, Watts®, Cuno®, 3M, and Nuvo H2O™.

Link to USA Today article and video https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/07/26/contaminants-water-legal-but-still-pose-big-health-risks/510237001/.

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We were proud to be a sponsor for the Friendliest Catch event again this year

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Commercial Water Softeners

Check out the awesome commercial water softener that Jim, our water treatment specialist, just installed at the Tarpon Point Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Sarasota.

ben water softener

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19th Annual Jingle & Jog

2016 jinglejog


Professional Plumbing & Design is proud to be sponsoring the 19th Annual Jingle & Jog! Join us on Saturday, December 3 at Community Haven (4405 Desoto Road, Sarasota, FL 3423) and enjoy food from local restaurants, receive coupons to local vendors, and much more while you support The Haven!

All Participants in the 5K race or 1 mile walk will receive a performance T-Shirt, Goodie Bag, One Raffle Entry, and a Participation Medal. Winners receive Cool Cash Prizes!

Click Here to Register

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Friendliest Catch 2016

Professional Plumbing is proud to have, once again, been one of the sponsors "The Friendliest Catch" tournament this past Wednesday, June 29, 2016.

Part of the Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix​ Festival, "The Friendliest Catch" is a catch & release tournament in which local boat captains & law enforcement officials volunteer their time to take special needs children & adults out on Sarasota Bay for a day of fishing followed by a picnic and awards ceremony at the Sarasota Outboard Club. The 74 participants, the boat captains, and all of the other volunteers and liaisons enjoyed a great day on the bay!

Friendliest catch 14

Click here to view more images

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First Step for Plumbing Emergencies

Some plumbing problems are slow-moving, such as a faucet that drips, drips, drips.

The sound is annoying, the water loss a waste. But you can call us at your convenience to schedule a repair. But then there’s the dreaded plumbing emergency – there’s no such thing as a convenient time for disaster. Plumbing emergencies require fast action. If a pipe breaks, a washing machine hose bursts, a toilet overflows, a faucet won’t shut off, or an ice maker goes haywire… the obvious first step is to stop the flow of water.

Make sure you and others in your household know how to locate and turn off the water supply shut-off valves for Fixtures and appliances, as well as the main shut-off valve for the house. You’ll usually find individual shutoff valves underneath a fixture or behind an appliance where it’s connected to the water supply line. The main shut-off valve that sends water flowing through your pipes could be on an outside wall or utility area.

 Another option: The water meter near the street has a valve where you could turn off the house side of the water line. If a fixture or appliance is creating the emergency, use the shutoff valve at that location. If you can’t find the shut-off valve, or the emergency is not just a fixture (such as a leaking or broken pipe), turn off the flow of water to the house at the main shut-off valve. To shut off, turn clockwise.

 Next step: Call us. We can help.

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Springing a Spring Leak?

Sometimes, you just need to scold your plumbing.

Without going into a physics lesson, heat and cold tends to expand and contract your pipes. The different rates of this ‘elasticity’ are what cause little leaks. That’s why early detection is the key to not having an indoor pond. Start here: Faucets , Showerheads, Toilet flappers. We find these are the most common culprits, and can do the most damage too. Check these first. Then move to… Washing machines. Make sure your hose here is braided stainless steel, not the dinky rubber one that may’ve come with it! We can swap this out for you with a quick call. Sink traps. This refers to the ‘U’ shaped portion under your sinks.

Do not neglect a drip here for even a day because it is on its way to a gross and gooey display right where you don’t want it. Water Heaters. I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve found a pool of rusty water under the Water Heater. Go check yours now (at least annually thereafter) or call us out for an inspection. Outside Too! Check your hose bib connections for leaks, and irrigation heads if you have them. Also take a peek at your plumbing stacks or vents that come through your roof. A blocked vent can cause problems not suitable for this newsletter. Any questions? That’s why we’re here. Give us a call or an email, and we’ll be happy to answer or to come out to make sure your spring is as delightful as it should be!

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My Word - April 2016

Hello Friends, Is spring a time to slow down or speed up?

The milder weather certainly gives us a chance to get outdoors more often, take in fresh breezes and enjoy the green and blooming landscape. It’s great to relax and recharge. But being busy has its advantages, too! That’s why we’re so grateful to our customers for allowing us to serve you. Every day we have a chance to help our friends is time well spent.

Our winter was packed with opportunities to help folks like you with fast plumbing repairs and routine service. Some of you are enjoying the start of this season with a new, highly efficient Water Heater to keep you and yours clean, or you’re enjoying beautiful new Fixtures and other upgrades that make your home more comfortable. We’re glad to help. Just let us know if you need us.

Andy Wittman

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Professional Plumbing & Design Donates $18,000 to Community Haven

The donation of all the plumbing-related labor and materials for Marlene’s House, the newest group home on the Community Haven campus, helped make the much-needed housing a reality.

SARASOTA, FL (December 1, 2015) – Professional Plumbing & Design has just completed work on Marlene’s House, the fifth group home on the 32-acre Community Haven campus. The plumbing contractor, which has been in Sarasota for over 30 years, donated all of the plumbing labor and materials for the 4,800 sq. ft. home which boasts 5 bathrooms, a large kitchen, and a laundry room.

Community Haven for Adults and Children with Disabilities provides a continuum of services from cradle to seniorhood, including full-time residence and respite living options for adults with disabilities on their campus in Sarasota. Marlene’s House is different from the previous four group homes in that it offers single-occupancy rooms for eight adults with disabilities and a house parent in a family-style setting.

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Professional Plumbing & Design Donates $18,000 to Community Haven

The donation of all the plumbing-related labor and materials for Marlene’s House, the newest group home on the Community Haven campus, helped make the much-needed housing a reality.

SARASOTA, FL (December 1, 2015) – Professional Plumbing & Design has just completed work on Marlene’s House, the fifth group home on the 32-acre Community Haven campus. The plumbing contractor, which has been in Sarasota for over 30 years, donated all of the plumbing labor and materials for the 4,800 sq. ft. home which boasts 5 bathrooms, a large kitchen, and a laundry room.

Community Haven for Adults and Children with Disabilities provides a continuum of services from cradle to seniorhood, including full-time residence and respite living options for adults with disabilities on their campus in Sarasota. Marlene’s House is different from the previous four group homes in that it offers single-occupancy rooms for eight adults with disabilities and a house parent in a family-style setting.

“Community Haven helps thousands of individuals with disabilities live fuller, more independent lives, and that is good for everyone in our community” said Matt Wittman, Professional Plumbing & Design President. “We are committed to helping charitable organizations like Community Haven continue to provide these much-needed services” he continued.

“Community Haven is extremely grateful for the generous donation that Professional Plumbing & Design provided our organization. This beautiful group home will enhance and improve the lives of the individuals with disabilities that we serve, and I want to express my sincere thanks to our community partner, Professional Plumbing & Design.” said Marla Doss, President and CEO of Community Haven.

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YourObserver 8/15

septic, system, tank

From 8/15

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Professional Plumbing & Design Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence!


Professional Plumbing & Design Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence!

SARASOTA, FL (August 18, 2015) – This September will mark 30 years since Professional Plumbing & Design, Inc. opened its doors in Sarasota, Florida. Over the past 30 years, the company has steadily grown to become one of the leading plumbing contractors on the Suncoast.

Professional Plumbing was founded in 1985 by Ted Wittman and operated by Ted, his wife, Marjorie, and brother, Andy. The company started out doing general plumbing repairs, Drain Cleaning , kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and new construction. Since then, they have added a variety of specialized services like water filtration, re-piping, jet cleaning, Video Inspection , and pipe Lining to their repertoire.

Ted officially retired in 2013, handing the reins of the business he started and helped grow to his sons, Matt and Ben Wittman, and their uncle, Andy Wittman, who has been there since the very beginning.

"Professional Plumbing would like to thank the loyal customers who have helped us grow into the company we are today by giving them a $30 coupon, valid on any plumbing service, for the 30 great years they have given us" said company president, Matt Wittman. The 30th Anniversary Coupon will be available on the company website (www.ProPlumbingDesign.com) and on their social media channels.

The success of the company, which provides residential, commercial, and industrial service to customers from I-275 to Venice, has been driven by their commitment to the customers they serve. Professional Plumbing offers their customers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, all of their employees are thoroughly background checked to ensure the safety of their clients, and their technicians are methodically trained and do not receive a commission, so their advice is based solely on what is best for the client.

For more information about Professional Plumbing & Design, contact Matt Wittman at (941) 355-5400.

30th anniversary social media

 About Professional Plumbing & Design, Inc.

Serving Sarasota, Bradenton, Palmetto, and Venice since 1985, Professional Plumbing & Design provides a full range of commercial, residential, and industrial plumbing services as well as more specialized technologies like jet cleaning, Video Inspection , and pipe Lining.

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Tankless Water Heaters

Is a tankless Water Heater right for you?sartasota tankless water heater

Tankless Water Heaters are just one of the many Products that Professional Plumbing & Design offers our clients throughout Sarasota and the surrounding communities of Bradenton, Palmetto, and Venice.

Tankless Water Heaters offer an endless supply of hot water, so you never have to take a cold shower and, by instantly heating only the water you need, when you need it, these suitcase-sized units save more than just space; they save energy, which means you save money!

In the past, installation of these units was complicated and costly, but recent improvements in their design have made it easier than ever to switch from a conventional, tanked Water Heater to an energy-saving tankless model. Many of the top manufacturers have even started offering tankless units that will work with existing 1/2-inch gas lines; this makes retrofit installations faster and less expensive than before.

Many of the older tankless units had trouble keeping a steady flow of hot water, but the newer models have addressed this problem by adding a recirculation pump that ensures that water comes out hot from the very beginning and stays hot for as long as it is running.

If it's time to replace your Water Heater, consider switching to an energy-saving tankless Water Heater; the recent changes in technology and design have made them a great option!

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2015 Water Heater Efficiency Standards

Enacted in 1975, the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) creates uniform efficiency standards for household appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers, clothes dryers and Water Heaters.

Residential Water Heaters manufactured after April 16, 2015 must meet the minimum efficiency standards mandated by NAECA. This will result in $63 billion in energy savings over the next 30 years and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 172.5 million metric tons – that's equal to taking 33.8 million automobiles off our streets!

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Why replace your water heater when you can repair it for a fraction of the cost?

The answer is simple; your old Water Heater may be costing you more than think.

From baths and showers to dishwashing and laundry, we depend on our Water Heaters more than we might realize. In a typical home, the electric Water Heater accounts for approximately 14% of the total energy bill.

That Water Heater is the second largest energy consumer in a typical home – second only to the home heating and cooling system.

Just like in the HVAC industry, the plumbing industry has been trending towards more environmentally friendly designs with significantly improved energy efficiency ratings. The GeoSpring Water Heater by GE, for example, uses 62% less energy than a standard 50-gallon Water Heater. With that kind of savings, it's easy to see how a new Water Heater can pay for itself in no time.

Water Heaters are not a one-size-fits-all appliance. There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a new Water Heater and that is why it is important to have a knowledgeable and trustworthy professional to guide you through the selection process. The right Water Heater will add value to your home, reduce your energy bills, and add convenience for years to come, but you have to choose right...

For starters, you have a choice of power source. Water Heaters come in gas (natural or propane) with a variety of venting options (standard, power and direct vent), electric, hybrid gas and electric, and solar Water Heaters which produce up to 90% of your home's hot water for free. If there is one thing we have a lot of in Florida, it's sunshine...

Water Heaters are also available in the traditional tank style and tankless. Tankless models offer increased efficiency because you are only heating the water that you consume and they offer an endless supply of hot water in a much smaller package. Tankless Water Heaters also last twice as long as the tank style Water Heaters and the warranties range from 3 to 12 years.

If your Water Heater is more than 15 years old, replacing it could significantly reduce your electric bill and add value to your home. If you're not sure when your Water Heater was built, check the first 4 digits of the serial number for the month and year of manufacture

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How to clear a clogged drain.

Drains can clog over time.Sarasota plumbing contractor 5

If you think about all of the types of things we flush down our drains, it's a wonder they don't clog more often. Drains run slower as greases, hair, toothpaste, soap and other debris build up inside the pipes and eventually cause blockage.

If you have clogged drains, there are a few things you can do yourself to try and clear them.

  • Use a plunger. A very handy tool, and no house should be without one. You can try using a plunger to free up the blocked drain. But if you are full of muscles and work out at the gym regularly - don't get too carried away. If your drain doesn't unclog right away move on to another method because too much pressure from a plunger may damage your drain or pipes.
  • Baking soda and vinegar. Sometimes using baking soda and vinegar can clear a clogged drain. Pour ½ cup baking soda down the drain and then carefully pour in a cup of vinegar on top. Quickly place the stopper in the drain and dive for cover (just kidding). Actually – just let it sit for a few minutes then pour about a gallon of boiling water down the drain – some people swear by this method. Just be careful with anything porcelain as it may crack, and make sure you run plenty of water down the drain after it is cleared to flush the lines.
  • Use a chemical drain opener. This is not environmentally friendly, and a bit hazardous if you are not careful. Be sure to carefully read the information and cautions on the package before proceeding. Chemical drain openers can clear out 'slow' drains, but should not be used on a 'stopped' drain. Chemical drain opener is not recommended for septic tanks, because it will kill the beneficial bacteria.
    Some drain cleaners can damage plastic pipes and Garbage Disposals. You should always use these chemicals with care.
  • Use a snake. You can buy or rent a manual or mechanical snake to clear your drain. However, if you are not careful, and do not use the tool properly you can cause much damage to your pipes.

The DIY approach is always great to try at first as you can save a lot of money. But there is a point where you have to decide when it's time to bring in a professional Plumber because you could end up causing more damage that results in costly repairs down the road.

If these tips for Drain Cleaning fail, you may have a more serious problem. Some older homes with mature trees planted close to the house have problems with roots cracking or blocking pipes.

Professsional Plumbing & Design will be able to clear your clogged drain without damaging your plumbing or Fixtures . Please call us at (941) 355-5400 if you have a clogged drain, we'd be glad to help. 

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Why People Choose Professional Plumbing:

On time or it's free guarantee

Because we know your time is valuable, we will arrive at your home, ready to assist you, within a precise appointment window or your service charge is free.

Up-front pricing

You won't have to wonder how much your repairs will cost, because we will give you the price up front, with options, before we do the work.

100% satisfaction guarantee

If you are unhappy for any reason, we will re-do your repair for free. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will do whatever it takes to make you a 100% satisfied customer.

Pro Safety Seal gif 249x227


Professional Safety Guarantee

All of our technicians are drug tested, background checked and professionally trained for your peace of mind.

Red Carpet Treatment

We will treat your house like a castle and always clean up after ourselves. We'll give you our "red carpet treatment" and our technicians will wear shoe covers to protect your carpet and floors!

No answering machine or voicemail!

We will always be there for you. Our phones are staffed 24 hours a day so you can always speak to a live person.


The Seal of Security and Confidence provides Peace of Mind!

The Seal.com verifies license, insurance and customer service. They perform yearly nationwide criminal background and sex offender checks on the actual employees interacting with your property or family.

angies review 200ats 200CAI 202bmi blue