bad water smallIn 1974, Congress enacted the Safe Drinking Water Act which authorizes the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set national standards for drinking water.

The problem is that the list of regulated chemicals has not been updated in over 20 years and, in many cases, the contaminant levels by the Safe Drinking Water Act are higher than what scientific studies have found to be safe.

Data collected by Environmental Working Group (EWG) at over 48,000 water facilities across the country found 267 of the 500 unique contaminants they tested for. Many of these contaminants have been associated with an increased risk of cancer, developmental problems, and fertility and endocrine issues.

Long-term exposure to unfiltered tap water, from many of the nation’s public water systems can lead to serious health problems, in particular for pregnant women and children under 6, and bottled water is not the answer. Unlike public water suppliers, bottled water manufacturers are not required to disclose contaminant levels in their water, so the only solution is a good filtration system.

EWG has made their data available in a Public Database ( that allows you to see which contaminants were present in your water supply. If you’re concerned about the water you and your family are drinking, call the professionals at 941-355-5400. Professional Plumbing & Design carries only the best Water Filtration Systems from top manufacturers like Aqua-Pure®, Everpure®, Watts®, Cuno®, 3M, and Nuvo H2O™.

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