pipelineWith a 50+ year life expectancy, pipe lining provides a long-term solution for cracked or leaky drain pipes without the need for digging up landscaping or tearing up walls and floors so it’s a cost-effective, minimally-invasive alternative to complete pipe replacement.

Pipe lining adds a durable protective layer inside the compromised pipe that enhances the structural strength of the existing pipe, prevents root intrusion, stops leaks, seals cracks, and increases flow.

Professional Plumbing & Design is a Certified Perma-Liner Industries installer.

Perma-Liner’s state-of-the-art is installation system uses a single point of entry to ensure that there is complete saturation and adhesion to the host pipe and, because the stand-alone design does not require a host pipe, Perma-Liner can even bridge missing sections of pipe!

Our Perma-Liner™ Drain Pipe Lining is the solution to your drain problems.

All Perma-Liner materials are made in the USA and they carry a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty!

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