They exceeded by far our expectations

Dear Keith,

My spouse and I would like to underline how much we appreciated the excellent services provided by Juan and his team, Cameron, Flaco and James from Professional Plumbing in the replacement of our kitchen stacks this week.

It is clear that they exceeded by far our expectations by their quality of work in preparing their job, doing it and cleaning up afterwards, not to mention that they also respected their arrival time schedule in the morning.

In a world in which we insist on customer service, they showed their utmost professionalism.

Would you please pass on our congratulations to the employer of Juan, Cameron, Flaco and James for a job perfectly done.

Hélène L. and Normand T.
Bradenton, FL

There was no need to tear up the floor of my house as I had feared.

Clothes washer backed up into tub and toilet on one side of house. In my former California home, I had done nearly all my own plumbing work for 30 years, but this Florida home was just too mysterious in the plumbing arena. I had no clue where the outside drain to city sewer was accessible, so decided to eat the cost and call this company, based on a good Angie's report. The result was worth the cost for the work and the education.


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They are incredibly reasonable with their prices.

I have a contract with them to do my plumbing. They put in new shower heads, garbage disposal, and fixed my dishwasher.

They are incredibly reasonable with their prices. We have a contract with them where they ensure they will be at the job within 12 hours. This makes them very prompt. They are always nice and friendly to me when they make their visits.

Rhonda N.
Tampa, FL

The plumber was courteous, professional, experienced and did a great job.

They fixed a leak in the pressure-relieving tank of my water heater, and they also repaired a leaky faucet which another plumber was unable to fix.

They came the same day I called. The plumber was courteous, professional, experienced and did a great job. I don't think they are inexpensive, but what I loved about the way they work is that they give you a flat fee for the repair before they start it. They bring a book with all the standard prices in it. The last plumber I had charged by the hour - even charging to sit in his truck and write up my invoice!

Marjorie M.
University Park, FL

Professional Plumbing is the only plumbing source I'll be using.

I called the office after finding the listing on Angie's List. I was told there would be a $49 fee for service call, then the situation (clogged kitchen drain of our rental unit condo) would be diagnosed and an estimate given before work would be done. They would like payment to be at the time of service.

Since I was remote, I was to give a credit card. Steve arrived and called me as soon as he diagnosed the problem, adding that clog in the kitchen was far down the series of pipes and that the garbage disposal was quite old and rusted. He gave me an estimate which was fair for doing taking care of both issues. The price included parts and labor. 

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They are meticulously careful about being neat and clean.

Two hot water copper pipes for the tub/shower faucet were corroded and leaking badly by the time I called a plumber. They were replaced with two new copper pipes. This required cutting out the old pipes and soldering in the new pipes. The water had to be turned off at the meter because of the soldering.

The bathroom fixture pipes had been rerouted through the dining room closet years before I moved into the house (not sure why). The dining room closet shares a wall with the bathroom (the wall that the fixtures are on. The leak started very slowly in the access panel in the closet, which is used for storage and not accessed regularly.

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He was excellent!

He inspected my home water filtration system and gave me a quote as to what he could to do improve it. He also fixed my kitchen sink, and installed new parts needed.

He was excellent! His prices were comparable to other plumbers. The diagnostic fee was $85. He was very honest. I told him I could only do one project at a time, and he didn't push me into doing more than my budget could allow. He used booties over his shoes in my home, to prevent from tracking in dirt from outside. He was very nice and was a true professional. He cleaned up well after he was done fixing the sink. I would use him again in the future.

Cristina C.
Sarasota, FL

He was just professional all the way and the work was perfect.

They came out almost instantaneously. We pay almost $50 a year and that includes a free plumbing inspection once a year and if we have them out then the $50 goes towards the bill.

The guy came out right away and we ask for the same plumber all the time and he has does all kinds of installations. He has installed new toilets, put new shut offs and valves. They are really a good company. He put booties on before coming to our house.

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Our membership credit covered the cost, there was no additional charge.

Our house had a solar water heater on the roof. It was thought to be disconnected since before we moved in 4 years ago. We are having a new roof installed. When the workers started removing the solar heater panel, it turned out to be connected and we needed to get a plumber to disconnect or disable it quickly.

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I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

They caped off my water heater that was on my roof.

Everything went excellent. They are very knowledgeable and will do what they say they will. I have used this company before and they have always done great work. They are a very professional company. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. There prices were reasonable as well.

Rodger B.
Sarasota, FL

The price was reasonable and the service was outstanding.

On 6 June I purchased a new hot water heater from Professional Plumbing based on the advice received from your consultant. The price was reasonable and the service was outstanding. The unit was installed immediately by the service representative and the workmanship was perfect.

Paul B.
Sarasota, FL

Everything about them is excellent.

We used Professional Plumbing And Design Inc. three weeks ago for repairing the water heater.

We didn’t have hot water in the house and the regular technician that we always ask for came out and put in a new heating element in the water heater. Our yearly contract with them is $58, so what they did was used that and then $9.00 covered the entire thing. The guy who came out was Vein was excellent and everything about them is excellent.

Paul F.
Parrish, FL

Allen arrived on time, was very professional.

External water faucet was leaking inside wall.  Had to open exterior wall, fix the leak the then repair the wall.

Allen arrived on time, was very professional.  Estimated the work and, after approval, fixed the issue.  He recommended a water mitigation company to check the walls for internal damage.

Barbara B.
Parrish, FL

They did a great job for a reasonable price in a timely manner.

We had our hot water heater blow out on us at our home in Sarasota.  Since we live out of state, I went to Angie's List to look for a reputable plumbing company.  I found Professional Plumbing and was treated with respect from the minute I called until when the job was completed.  They did a great job for a reasonable price in a timely manner.  I would recommend them to other members, and I would definitely use them again in the future.

Tracy C.
Mountainside, NJ

Showed me all the different models and answered all my questions without being pushy.

I used Professional Plumbing and Design Inc. to come out and fix my water pressure.

Thankfully it turned out to be something minor. The guy was very nice, because I kept asking him questions about water softeners and he took the time and showed me all the different models and answered all my questions without being pushy. I will use him again in the future.

Joanne C.
Parrish, FL

The workman was very nice, respectful and professional.

I had the water line tubing pop off at the plastic gasket on one of my commodes.

They came to do the repairs on time.  The workman was very nice, respectful and professional. 

He gave me a written estimate discussed additional future problematic repairs and gave me the total charges to let me decide.  The work was done promptly and professionally.  I was quite pleased with the whole process. 

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We liked their service so much that we join their "ProClub" annually.

Diagnosed drain backup cause. Fixed the problem. Educated my wife and I on the specifics of our drainage system. Gave good advice to prevent future problems.

Our bathroom, utility room washer, and kitchen sink drains were all backing up. We had no clue about how to access our under the floor plumbing drains. Professional came out within hours and fixed the leak from one of the roof vents. We were only two years in our house and so we asked many questions.

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I have already recommended the company to someone else.

The gentleman who came to our home was professional, cordial, and very knowledgeable, we had a problem with toilet waste coming up into the tub in one of our bathrooms. 

Snaked from the roof and also the clean out.  Nothing but some grease.  We did have to call for returns twice and expected to pay the final time but did not have any further charges and have not had any further problems.  Every time they left drain was running without any problem but began backing up again later. 

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Outstanding performance.

Replaced all copper tubing in the home which included replumbing the kitchen, two full bathes, laundry room sink, refrigerator, the hot water heater, a sauna and two outside water supplies.  Replumbing was completed two days after leak was detected.  All repairs to walls were completed immediately thereafter and there was a minimum of final clean-up required.  Outstanding performance.  This company had replaced a hot water heater earlier in the year with similar results.

All repairs and painting were completed immediately thereafter.  All work was performed professionally and required a minimum of clean-up upon completing performance.

Paul B.
Sarasota, FL

They went above and beyond.

I had a 40 year old toilet tank that cracked in the middle of the night.

They were very good. The prices were competitive. They replaced the plumbing. Their instillation was very good as well. They also offer any other plumbing needs within the next 30 days you receive $20 off your next visit. They went above and beyond. They had three different options and I took the deluxe model and I have never had a problem with it since.

Karl K.
Sarasota, FL

Jeff showed up on time and was very courteous.

I was trying to replace my Moen shower cartridges and accidentally pulled out the inner parts leaving the outer portions ceased up inside my valves.  I called Professional Plumbing fairly late at night and was happy to find they had a late night answering service, so I set up an appointment for the next day.

Jeff showed up on time and was very courteous.  He removed both cartridges in like a half hour and installed the ones I had already purchased.  This service was $99 per cartridge.  I also asked Jeff to replace my main water valve since it was not completely shutting the water off no matter how hard I cranked it with the channel locks.  To replace the gate valve with a ball valve on the main supply cost $200.

I was very pleased overall with the whole process of working with Professional Plumbing and would definitely use them again.

John H.
Ft. Wayne, IN

We were more than pleased with their service.

Great. Very prompt and professional. Arrived on time in uniform and wore proper ID tag. We were more than pleased with their service.

Christine R.
Sarasota, FL

They are consistent. They are responsive. They are professional.

I use them all the time. They are consistent. They are responsive. They are professional. Everything is done right. They also provide a yearly check for your home. If anything is progressing the wrong way they will notify you. You don’t have to go through with the suggestions, but it’s nice to be aware. I feel safe and secure having them back me.

Greer N.
Palmetto, FL

Why People Choose Professional Plumbing:

On time or it's free guarantee

Because we know your time is valuable, we will arrive at your home, ready to assist you, within a precise appointment window or your service charge is free.

Up-front pricing

You won't have to wonder how much your repairs will cost, because we will give you the price up front, with options, before we do the work.

100% satisfaction guarantee

If you are unhappy for any reason, we will re-do your repair for free. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will do whatever it takes to make you a 100% satisfied customer.

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Professional Safety Guarantee

All of our technicians are drug tested, background checked and professionally trained for your peace of mind.

Red Carpet Treatment

We will treat your house like a castle and always clean up after ourselves. We'll give you our "red carpet treatment" and our technicians will wear shoe covers to protect your carpet and floors!

No answering machine or voicemail!

We will always be there for you. Our phones are staffed 24 hours a day so you can always speak to a live person.


The Seal of Security and Confidence provides Peace of Mind!

The verifies license, insurance and customer service. They perform yearly nationwide criminal background and sex offender checks on the actual employees interacting with your property or family.

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